About PSM

Podere San Martino dates back to the 1700’s and is located on the edge of the Montalbano wine growing area, famous for its red wine and sometimes called "little Chianti".

PSM is situated above the medieval village of Montevettolini, at roughly 225m above sea level and looks out over the "Valdinievole" which means the misty valley, and indeed, when it is misty there is an incredible view across the valley, as if the towns below didn’t exist.

View into the valley

The farm originally covered a much larger area, and in fact the area is called San Martino. The main house is the original landlord’s house and therefore differs from the typical Tuscan farmhouse style that one is used to. The views from both villas are unique extending to the mountains above Pisa to the sea and across the plain towards Vinci (Leonardo's birth place), not to mention the beautiful view of Monsummano Alto, an extinct volcano that is a prominent landmark.

Born in Scotland, Jane moved to Tuscany in 1994, and worked in the tourist industry for many years. In 2001, she finally fulfilled her dream of finding the perfect house (and location!) to renovate for the family, along with two self catering holiday villas for guests. Jane speaks fluent Italian and French so feel free to ask her about what to see, restaurants to go to, or for any other information.

View towards Montevettolini
An evening view, looking towards Montevettolini.
The Square in Montevettolini
The Piazza leading off Montevettolini's clock-tower.
The mystery of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Paessaggio con fiume.